Sleep disorders are common but unfortunately under diagnosed per the Institute of Medicine's report on sleep disorders in 2006. The IOM report identifies one way to close this gap is in the form of CME activities for health care providers. 

Helping to meet the needs of our patients across Missouri. 

Annual Meeting

The Missouri Sleep Society is committed to the advancement of sleep medicine, but we need your help. 


Linking Sleep Professionals to the resources they need.

This activity will serve as a sleep medicine conference for health providers from the state of Missouri and surrounding states to provide an activity for clinicians to gain expertise in more effectively diagnosing and treating common sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and hypersomnia. It will also allow for discussion and review of recent changes pertaining to the field of sleep medicine in regards to changes in requirements for accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep medicine and technical specifications and rules for sleep labs to follow while performing studies.

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