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Alex Galindo, RPSGT

Director At Large- St. Louis

Joshua E. Shore, RPSGT, CSE

Secretary-Treasurer-St. Louis

Tom Gotsis, DDS


Kelly Million, RPSGT, RST, FAAST

Executive Director- St. Louis

Hilary Simon, BS, RPSGT, CCSH​
Past President-St Louis

Past Presidents

Hilary Simon, 2022-2023

James Lillenberg, 2021-2022

John Spivey, 2020-2021

Michael McLeland,  2019-2020

David Ingram, 2018-2019

Loretta Colvin, 2017-2018

H. Thomas Johnson, 2016-2017

Tom Gotsis, 2015-2016

Kelly Million, 2014-2015, 2010-2012

Raman Malhotra, 2013-2014

David Kuhlmann, 2012-2013

​Anthony Masi, 10/1/2008-6/31/2010

Amy Licis, MD


The Missouri Sleep Society is committed to the advancement of sleep medicine, but we need your help. 

Monisha Ireland, MD

Director At Large-Lee Summit, MO

The Missouri Sleep Society Board of Directors is committed to the growth and advancement of sleep medicine, and to support and advocate for all sleep professionals in the state of Missouri. 

Cheryl Marino, RRT, RPSGT

Director at Large-St. Louis

Peggy Chandra, DMD

Director at Large-St. Louis