The Missouri Sleep Society is committed to the advancement of sleep medicine, but we need your help. 

our mission

Message From The President  

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Our vision 

The Missouri Sleep Society represents Sleep Professionals in Missouri. Our mission is to be the resource for Missouri Sleep professionals.

  • We provide affordable educational forums and networking opportunities.

  • We work in collaboration with our national sleep societies, as well as other medical organizations and regulators, to keep membership up to date on anything that affects the practice of Sleep Medicine.

  • We collaborate with our Sleep Professionals in these ways so they may deliver exceptional care to the patients they serve which is our ultimate goal.

The Missouri Sleep Society serves its members and advances the field of sleep medicine by:

  • Promoting the application of recognized clinical standards of care to the field in order to ensure the highest quality of care for patients.

  • Educating sleep professionals in order to help them provide better quality of care in the field.

  • Raising public awareness of the health consequences and treatment of the full spectrum of sleep disorders.

  • Advocating for the sleep professional by providing a unified voice at the state and national level. 

To advance the field of sleep medicine in the state of Missouri through advocacy and education.