The Missouri Sleep Society is committed to the advancement of sleep medicine, but we need your help. 



  7:00 Breakfast

  8:00 Matt Uhles MS R.PSGT             Wearables

  9:00 Luqi Chi MD                             Central Hypopneas in CSA

10:00     Break      

10:30 Remede                            Phrenic nerve stimulation in OSA

11:30 Lunch

12:45 Jayme Matchinski JD       Legal Update 2024: Key Compliance                                                              Issues to Consider in Sleep Medicine

  1:45 Mark Murphy DDS         Precision OAT; The leading Non-CPAP                                                                     OSA Alternative

  2:45    Break

  3:30 Dan Tache   DMD           UARS:

  4:30 John Atkinson                 EKG

  5:30 Conclusion

  5:45 Happy Hour



  7:00 Breakfast

  8:00 AASM Rep                      Update in Sleep medicine

  9:00 Raman Malhotra MD       Narcolepsy            

10:00           Break

10:30 John Spivey MD              The Tired Teenager

11:30 Ray Bourey MD               OSA and Diabetes         

12:30 Conclusion