The Missouri Sleep Society is committed to the advancement of sleep medicine, but we need your help. 

Many THANKS to our incredible speakers who presented fascinating and timely topics.  Thanks for making MOSLEEP 2023 a success!! 

·       Raman Malhotra: MD AASM Updates 

·       Emerson Kerr, MBA, RRT, RPSGT, FAAST, AAST President-Elect:  AAST Summit and Workplace Survey and Member Offerings:

·       Stephane Dissel, Ph.D.: Why Do We Sleep? 

·       Diego R. Mazzotti, PhD:  Characterizing OSA Heterogeneity Towards Understanding Cardiovascular Risk

·        Lacey Adams, RPSGT, CCSH: A Sleep Patient’s Journey and the Value of a Sleep Coach

·       Patrick Sorenson, MA, RPSGT:  Sleep EEG – From Neurons to Sleep Spindles

·       Maria F Gonzales-Aponte, PH.D. Candidate: Circadian Rhythms, Daylight Savings Time, and Health - When Our Biological Clocks Turn Ugly

·       Tom Gotsis, DDS, FAGD, DABAM, MSS President-Elect:  Acoustic Rhinometry & Pharyngometry: Evidence Based Technology to Predict and Enhance Efficacy of Oral Appliance Therapy

·       Luqi Chi, MD, MSCE, FACP: Central Sleep Apnea

·       Matthew Uhles, MS, RPSGT: What’s New in Sleep Technology

·       David G. Ingram, MD:  Challenges in Diagnosing Narcolepsy

·        Hasan A. Ahmed, MD: Selecting the Best Candidates for Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Surgery


Many thanks to our Vendors for their support and for making this event possible!


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Fisher & Paykel, Resmed, Phillips, Prosomnus, Clevmed, Dynaflex, Harmony Biosciences


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Inspire Sleep, Millennium Sleep Lab, Adapt Health, Natus, Axsome, React Health, Compumedics, Somnomed, Virtuox, Idorsia